Is it possible for you to play a video game and also help save lives at the same time? It is now, thanks to the new game Play for the cure: genes in space. Genes in space is a relatively new game from Cancer Research UK that allows you to complete levels and simultaneously help cure cancer.

How could that be possible? The developers have translated human genetic data in to levels in a video game. The object of this video game is to collect element Alpha, which is achieved by flying through rings as you continuously fly through space. Element alpha is the games representation of genetic defects that cause cancer. When your collecting element alpha what you are really doing is pinpointing this gene. After you play through a level your data is then sent to the research facilities. So by playing each level you are helping researches on their pursuit to the cure for cancer.

The game is available for free download for android and iOS. The game play breaks down it to 3 key parts mapping your route, collecting element alpha, and upgrading your ship.

Mapping your route is a very important part of the game that lets you select the most alpha dense route to maximize your haul. This is achieved by simply tapping on the map in the areas where you see the most white. Don’t forget to scroll the whole map this is something i missed out on doing my first couple runs.

Collecting element alpha is the main part of the game, this is where you’re doing the most good and also having the most fun. Your spaceship will continuously fly through space and its up to you to steer the ship through the rings while either avoiding or destroying oncoming asteroids. Each run lasts less than a minute so it’s very easy to play quickly and in times when you only a few minutes.

The final element of the game is upgrading your ship. In order to do so you need an account playing as a guest will not allow you to upgrade your ship. You can choose to either sign up for a free account through the game or sign in with Facebook. The only other thing you need is money which you earn by selling the element alpha you collect. You can choose to sell immediately or wait around to sell when the market is high. This added element really adds density to the game.

Please give this fun game a chance, because your fun could help change someones life.

Thanks for reading and as always keep checking for everything gaming